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OfferX Charity Draw

Make your entries count for your favourite charity

Every month OfferX give £100 to charity. Make sure you play your part by selecting your charity and entering lots of competitions! For every prize draw entry you make, your chosen charity will get an extra vote. The charity with the most votes at the end of the month will receive a donation of £100 from OfferX.

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For each entry your charity will receive an extra vote. If you switch your charity, your votes will be transferred.

August Charities

The Red Cross

The Red Cross help people in crisis all over the world. Helping vulnerable people to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their communities, as well as providing support and resources to allow people to rebuild their lives after the crisis is...

Votes so far: 67,197

Mencap helps people with learning disabilities to provide support and assistance in all areas of their life from getting a job to finding somewhere to live, to helping with transport needs. They also offer a support structure for families and run...

Votes so far: 15,953
Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is the UK’s only national charity dealing with all aspects of Cystic Fibrosis. Providing practical, emotional and financial help for those living with the disease, along with vital fundraising and research...

Votes so far: 47,868

Last Month's Charity

Cancer Research
Total votes: 89,914
World Wildlife Fund
Total votes: 35,756
Total votes: 15,576

Previous Donations

Date Charity Donation Votes Result
Jul 2014 Cancer Research £100.00 89,914 View results
Jun 2014 NSPCC £100.00 80,961 View results
May 2014 Great Ormond Street Hospital £100.00 90,252 View results
Apr 2014 Help for Heroes £100.00 88,689 View results
Mar 2014 British Heart Foundation £100.00 100,418 View results
Feb 2014 RNLI £100.00 96,451 View results
Jan 2014 Rainbow Trust £100.00 113,708 View results
Dec 2013 Cancer Research £100.00 155,020 View results
Nov 2013 Guide Dogs £100.00 116,675 View results
Oct 2013 RSPCA £100.00 165,180 View results
Sep 2013 Great Ormond Street Hospital £100.00 162,410 View results
Aug 2013 Make a Wish Foundation £100.00 170,950 View results
Jul 2013 Help for Heroes £100.00 195,725 View results
Jun 2013 Cancer Research £100.00 255,280 View results
May 2013 British Heart Foundation £100.00 190,060 View results
Apr 2013 Bowel & Cancer Research £100.00 241,259 View results

OfferX has been donating to charities since June 2011.