Review your Local Tesco

Review your Local Tesco

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Tester needed by 7 Dec 2022

We are looking for shoppers to review their local Tesco store and in return we will enter you into our draw to win a £100 voucher. We want to know about your local Tesco!

Review Criteria:

- Selection of products
- Layout of store
- Store cleanliness

How do I become a reviewer?

Check your eligibility by filling in your postcode, you can then continue to the next step and enter your details. You’ll then be asked to fill in a series of further forms relating to various offers, which you need to complete. Please opt into the offers that you’re interested in. Don’t worry, the companies involved will only contact you if you opt in and ask them to. We will then ask you for your review, once completed you will be entered into our prize draw to win the £100 voucher!

*Please note, this is a prize draw to become a product tester

* Marketing Punch has no relationship whatsoever, including, but not limited to, affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement, with the manufacturers of any of the listed products, or any of the identified retailers. This prize consists of £100 cash.

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