Product Reviews

M&S Meal Deal for 2

Miss Mehnaz Rosul
29 Mar 2021

Communication with the National Consumer Review team was really good. This was my first review and everything went smoothly I received an email to advise me I had been selected and then not long after received the voucher and information to complete the review The packaging was good and appealing to the eye. The product met most expectations, but some flavours were not as apparent as the description. But tasty overall and well enjoyed. The quality of the product was good and it was of high quality and a good portion size The quality was excellent and looked good to eat as fine dining. Tasty and enjoyable Overall rating would be very good as failed to taste chilli as stated on the packaging and no hint/sight of it either but I did not feel this affected the taste overall and would defiantly buy again! Recommended meals as can be bought part of offer to enjoy


Ruby Baidoo
1 Mar 2020

I was notified through email that I was selected to review a product from subway. The delivery of the package was good and exceptional because the product was placed in a small basket which made it easier to get a table. The packaging was alright although seeing as the product had a bit of sauce I think having two wrappers would have been better compared to just one for the packaging. The product was very good and also delicious which reflects on the price of the product. Overall I will rate the product 4 stars.

Dyson V8

Kellie Thorpe
19 Feb 2020

My review of the dyson v8.
The hoover come very well packed.

When I openend the box the hoover was in another box as well tightly packed.

I opened the box to find loads of utensils for walls, floors, stairs and a wall mount for hoover. But there was no screws for you to put on the wall so that was only thing that was missing.

Also had put on charge for while before could use the hoover.  If was older person may have few issues in opening the box ans fitting together and on charge.

Set up easy to use.

Very good hoover, just rember when emptying hold over a bin or all go on the floor also there no on off button so if hold handle the button for hoover is there once pressed hoover will start.

Hoover has very good suction and pick up well. All in all I recommend to people the dyson v8

Books very well explained, easy to read 

Dyson V8

Kelly Draper
27 Nov 2019

I was chosen to test the Dyson V8 and was notified by an email from Tanya from the GetTestKeep team. Her email was very polite and she asked for address confirmation before making the order. 

It arrived a day before estimated which was amazing, and the delivery driver had great customer service and carried it for me over the threshold which was brilliant.

The box was in perfect condition and had no damage at all, and the double packaging was excellent.

The design is compact so it is easy to store, and it has amazing suction which is perfect for mums who have messy kids or animals as it sucks up all mess on all surfaces in my house hold. Also, you can hoover at all times of day due to the cordless feature so it is no longer a hazard to kids running around.

You can adjust the height of the Dyson V8 by attaching and detaching the different tools so taking off the middle section and just attaching the heads to the body, it is perfect for use on the stairs and sofas. I would personally say it will be good for my bad back as perfect height to hold and won’t need to bend down as much while hoovering.

It is really good quality and looks very expensive and I am in love with the gold colour 

I would say the Dyson V8 is deserving of a 5 star rating as it is perfect for all it is designed to do, and is one of the best vacuums I have used in years!

Tesco Secret Shopper

Anne Alder
1 Mar 2019

Report on shopping experience at Tesco Supermarket in Northallerton North Yorkshire 11/1/19 I was contacted by Tania Walker on e mail to tell me that I had been selected to be a secret shopper. Having never done this before I replied asking what the process was and got a very swift reply explaining the procedure . I then waited for some time ( about a month ) before the cheque for £100 arrived and I could proceed with the shop. This all seems to work well and I have been really pleased with the whole experience. I chose to shop at this shop because it is my usual supermarket in my home town. It is convenient as it is right in the centre of town with a free car park but this also means the car parking can be extremely difficult as people use it to shop on the high street as well. I shopped on a Friday lunchtime which is a very busy time and parking was bad, but necessary as I planned to spend such a large amount in one visit. It took me about 5 minutes to get parked having to wait for someone to leave a space. Inside the shop it was very busy as expected on a Friday and the whole experience probably took about an hour. The shop was clean and there were plenty of staff visible to ask for help if you needed it. The staff at this store are very friendly and helpful if you need assistance but I did not need help on this occasion. There were quite a few large product trolleys partly blocking aisles as staff tried to fill shelves. One of the downsides of this store is its size. It is not a very large store and products need to be topped up/refilled a lot during the day which can prove tiresome when it is busy. There was a queue to pay at each checkout in use and it was about 6 minutes to wait which is quite normal on a very busy time. I did not think this was bad. Customer service at the till was very good. Staff are always pleasant, always offer to help and most make an attempt at chat with you if you are interested, whilst usually not taking up valuable time . I managed to buy all but one item on my shopping list. They do not appear to stock the product I wanted ( arrowroot for thickening in stews etc.) I bought a completely varied weeks shop which included some fresh meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned goods, cleaning products, baby products, drinks, bread/buns, baking products, sauces, hair products and washing products. The quality of fresh meat in the shop is always good as is the fresh bread products baked onsite. One comment on the days shop would be that there were many almost empty shelves amongst the fruit section and some products strangely missing from shelves in the household section ( such as Glade air fresheners, and stain removing products in the wash section that I would have bought if available) Overall I would say customer service was very good and the whole experience was good. The issues I mentioned are raised with the local manager but he has always explained that the size of the store means stock can run out and also the shelves need to be refilled more often than in a much larger superstore. Northallerton has no such large store from any of the supermarkets in town.

Urban Naked Pallette

Dawn Carr
1 Mar 2019

1. Communication very good with selection of being a reviewer.  Several emails tried to immediately. 
2.  Delivery was through letterbox but not sure about your communication with the delivery team as when last discussed package was going to be put in gas meter box outside the house. 
3. Packaging, was high quality. Daughter (12) who is a make up fiend even felt the inside of the box/outer packaging was pretty.  Was better than expected.
4.  Very good quality mirror and applicator brush. 
5.  Quality of product is amazing.  Colours are fantastic for blending and shading.  Application very smooth. Very little of the eyeshadow needed on the brush.  Feel this palette will last a while. 
6.  Overall rating 5.  
7.  Would most definitely purchase, although expensive well worth it.  Possibly the best make up I have used and I use other high quality named brands.
My 12 year old used it and loves it.
Thanks for choosing me to review.

Dyson V8

Neville Devanney
23 Aug 2018

The Dyson is compact, light and has a lot of attachments to cope with virtually all the jobs I've asked it to do, from light cleaning of wooden floors to tiles and more heavy duty cleaning including the cab of my work van, which was covered in grit and dirt. Thick pile carpets are also no problem and I couldn't believe the amount of cat hairs that it removed!. It also comes with a wall-mounted charging point, so it doesn't take up valuable space in the house and a bag for the assorted heads. Emptying it is a piece of cake, with a catch on top of the cleaner which releases the lid. Cleaning the filter is also easy, as it can be simply rinsed with cold water. The 40-minute run time is more than adequate, but using the full power does shorten that time to 7 minutes. Most cleaning jobs can be done with the normal setting though and I only had to use the maximum setting to get really big stuff out of my work van carpet. The fact that it is relatively compact is handy for cleaning out the car too and the variety of attachments enables you to get in all the nooks and crannies. It can even reach cobwebs in ceiling corners with the extension pipe. It also comes with a detailed manual which shows all the different ways to use the attachments as well. All in all, I would recommend the Dyson V8 to anyone looking for a new vacuum cleaner, it is as good as the adverts say it is! Well done Dyson!  

MAC Cosmetics

Rebecca Dowers
23 Apr 2018

I was very happy and surprised when I received and email from Get.Test.Keep. I was notified that I was a selected reviewer; the lady I spoke with was friendly. I received my voucher within the week.
I ordered the product online which was easy to do, it came within 3 days and the shipping was free. The packaging was securely wrapped and padded inside to protect the products. The products and the boxes were in excellent condition.

Foundation Studio Fix Fluid – SPF15 NW15.
The foundation was a good size for the price. You do not need to apply much for coverage, which should make the foundation last longer than others. The foundation is a perfect shade for my pale skin and gives a smooth complexion. I applied mine with a brush which covered my face well. The foundation isn’t runny and doesn’t feel uncomfortable on your skin. However, if you haven’t used this product before, you will also need to purchase the pump separately for easy use. This can then be used in the future. 
I would give this product a 5 star rating as it’s the best foundation I’ve used, its long lasting and gives me a natural look.

Pro Long Wear Concealer 
I purchased the lightest concealer for when I contour. It came in a small box and has a pump for it to come out, which you do need to be careful of as it comes out fast. You do not need to use a lot as it is very spreadable and slightly runny. However if you use the right amount it covers the areas you need perfectly.  It doesn’t leave creases under your eyes if you use a sponge and dab and it lasts all day. I would defiantly recommend this product and would give it a 4 star rating.

Eyebrow Crayon
I love how compact this eyebrow crayon is, It fits nicely in my hand bag when I go out.  It’s easy to use all you need to do is get the right colour for you.I have dark features and got the dark brown, It gives you a nice natural look and isn’t too heavy or dark. It shapes your eyebrows perfectly and it’s light in your hand.  I would give this product a 5 star rating as it is simple and quick to use. 

Studio Fix Perfecting Powder
This powder came in a round pot; I normally use this to set my concealer. It was quite hard to get much powder out, as you need to shake it. I found that you need to tip it upside down and tap it at the bottom a few times just for it to come out.  However once I got it out and used it, it gave me a soft look, and removed the shine from my face. It was easy to apply with a soft brush and sets well. I would give this a 4 star rating.

Prep and Prime (Coconut)
This product is great value for money and come in a decent sized bottle. I used this to set my make-up and it feels very refreshing on your face, there is no stickiness at all. I found that it held my make-up for longer than normal even through busy days, it also has a lovely scent too it. This product is normally something I would use, however now I’ve had the chance to test it, I will defiantly be getting it again. I would give this product a 5 star rating.

UGG Boots

Christina Carr
1 Mar 2018

I tried the ugg boots on and they are very comfy and are a great fit , I would definitely recommend these ugg boots , good design and fitting , I would give them a 10 out of 10 rating , thanks.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Tracey Arthurs
14 Feb 2018

I was notified via email from the get test keep team that I had been selected to review a Samsung galaxy s8.
The phone came on the 11th of February,the packing what the phone came was very good and the phone was protected.
On getting ready to set the phone up I noticed that there was no instruction booklet  in the box with the phone  I also realized that my own phones sim card was to big for the galaxy s8,so I had to go out and buy a micro sim card to be able to set the phone up.  The phone was easy to set up and the volume of the phone is crystal clear even with the earphones,the camera also takes good quality pictures the phone also gives you a wide range of settings while playing on games that I have downloaded..I have made and received calls this is also easy as well as with the text messages.The phone charges quickly as well,but the battery goes down quick when you are playing on games. the quality of the phone is high and I would recommend this phone to my family and friends
My overall rating for the phone is very good

Dyson Eye

Marie Rossetti
14 Dec 2017

I was very excited to test the Dyson 360 eye.   Finally, a product that will save my time and energy and give me a glimpse into the future.    I had high expectations for the 360 eye, and started testing as soon as it arrived.

The vacuum is very attractive and has a certain ‘space age’ look,  neat, compact, smaller than I expected,  but also higher than expected.  

The packaging is perfection,  nothing was going to harm this little machine,  cushioned in dense foam, it fits perfectly and completely shock proof.   Underneath the foam cushion is the dock for charging,   charger and the manual.   Unfortunately,  this was only in an Asian language,  possibly Malay?? Looked up the manual online to get the start up information.

The set up is very straightforward,  I left the robot to charge - a blue light on the power button will flash,  and when this remains solid, the vacuum is ready for action.  On a full battery,  I managed to run through 4 rooms (about 45 minutes, and it was still charged and running at full strength. You can link the eye to your computer and it creates a pattern of the rooms it cleans,  a memory bank for its cleaning schedule.  

The eye will return to the dock after cleaning,  or if it needs to recharge, so if it needs to complete a room,  it can pick up where it left off,  with the memory bank,  rather than starting from the top.

Preparation of the room, this machine cannot take any obstructions, is quite extensive, including  clearing away of all wiring around from any tvs, speakers, lights, etc.,  removal of all loose rugs,  and remove anything sitting on the floor,  ie.,  plants.  

The eye then scopes the area, and starts by creating a pattern to follow, covering wider and wider areas,  the pattern looks like a box, within a box,  and on until the whole room has been covered.  But,  only the whole room that is completely clear.   When it comes to chairs,  table legs, sofas, it circl about getting as close as possible.    If you have low lying furniture,  chairs with low stretchers, shelving close to the ground,  it is a problem.  The robot is just over 12 cm high, which doesn’t allow it to go under these areas, but just skirt around.  There is no flexibility,  of course,  from a static ma-chine.

One of my first questions was how would it negotiate corners?  After all,  that is where the majority of the dust ends up.  Well,  it didn’t,  it tried its best, but a clump of dust always remained.

The actual clean, where the eye does reach is excellent,  the deep cleaning you expect from a Dy-son product.  It might have been better if this product was developed for a bit longer before release,   making it flatter to reach under furniture, and adding a small extendable part to deal with corners.

If you are a minimalist,  this is your product,  if you are like me, living with plants, objects, statues, furniture,  wait a little,  hopefully 360 eye II will address the above problems.

Rating:  It still gives an excellent clean so a generous : 3 

Cadburys Hamper

Rachael Garcia
9 Sep 2017

I was initially emailed back in early August saying I'd been chosen for this test. In the email it asked me to say when I would be available to accept delivery, because of this I assumed delivery would be imminent. The hamper still had not arrived by September 1st so I emailed to chase when it would be here. The reply said it would be with me by the 9th Sept and it arrived today the 8th.
2. Delivery
Delivery was by DPD - signed for.
3. Product & Packaging
I was not really sure what the hamper would look like but was a bit surprised, but understand, when the box arrived with Cadbury's printed all over it. If it was a gift that slightly took away from the excitement of opening an unknown gift.
The box was well packaged with the sparkly strips of paper adding to the gift experience.
4. Product Features
There was a good selection of variety, size and flavour of chocolates within the hamper. I especially liked the box of the mixed bars of chocolate. I'm not so sure I'd be happy to receive a box of chocolate eclairs in a chocolate hamper as I think of them more as sweets.
5. Quality
Good quality packaging and chocolate all good, as you would expect from Cadbury's.
6. Summary
I would give it 4 stars for the reasons I've listed before - package saying Cadbury's and the inclusion of the eclairs.
7. Additional
The use of the word hamper suggests a specially made container not a cardboard box.
I don't know how much the hampers cost but if you let reviewers know they could also include value for money comments.

Thorntons Hamper

Kim Williams
14 Aug 2017

The Hamper arrived on the day I was told it would. I had great communication with the team and I knew what to expect at all times. The hamper arrived slightly damaged on one corner of the box (see pictures) but it had not damaged the contents. The hamper was absolutely jam packed of delicious Thorntons chocolate. There was something for everyone to enjoy, boxes of chocolates, buttons, lolly pops, toffee, fudge and much more! The quality was just Devine, I had many friends round to help us eat the chocolate and everyone thought it was fantastic! Lots of people wanting to look into it as a gift that could be delivered. I would rate this service very highly and would recommend it.

3 month Birchbox subscription

Nina Hill
10 Aug 2017

Nina is reviewing a 3 month subscription to Birchbox. This is her final review of the subscription and it's products.

Marco handy coco Rico hand gel

This is the second time I have tested a product for this company and am happy to say the hand gel is as nice as the hand lotion I tried. It doesn’t dry your hands  out like some hand gels do . It also had a lovely fragrance. It’s place will now be in my handbag to come every where with me.


Bumble and Bumble foam wash shampoo

This item is great as it’s a two in one not just a foam was but a shampoo as well it has a nice light scent to go with it. Its ideal for holidays or a road trip.


Spectrum A05 blusher brush

This brush has a great sweep on it when applying the blusher. It’s light on the skin for people with sensitive skin and you don’t end up with a huge dark streak of blusher across your face.


Cargo cosmetics sunset beach blusher

This blusher was very nice but a bit to dark for my complexion.  But I will say it was very easy and nice to apply especially using the spectrum brush.


LOG rock steady one and done shadow stick

This was my favourite item I received this month. It’s a great shadow stick. So easy to apply and it sticks so it takes a bit of budging to come off. It with be great on a night out as i get hot and my make-up usually goes south. This will be great for it not happening. It also looks really fab on


These products came in a lovely little box drawer like last month but different colour. This month I will give 5/5. It’s my last month for testing for Birchbox but I have really enjoyed testing for them. I would recommend to anyone to sign up and get your Birchbox stuff you won’t regret it.

3 month Birchbox subscription

Nina Hill
10 Jul 2017

Nina is reviewing a 3 month subscription to Birchbox.  This is her second review of the subscription and it's products.

Merci handy Cherie cherry

I get very dry hands and they can get quite soar. This hand cream felt like silk after putting it on. It also had a lovely scent to go with it. I tried it with my friend and we both said we would recommend it to any body.


ORIBE SET texturizing spray

I took this on a night out with the girls and it was so handy. I get very hot when I’m dancing so my hair just falls straight with no volume. This cross between dry shampoo and hair spray is a great idea. Not only does it work well once again this product has a lovely scent to it.


Milk proteins 3 in 1 cleansing emultion

When taking my make-up off with this cleanser it makes it so easy. Even stubborn make-up. It’s easy on the skin and i washed it off after and my face felt so fresh and clean.


ECOTOOLS ,enhancing eye set

These brushes were lovely to use they just glide along so gently as they are being used. I tested these with my friends as we were getting ready for a night out. We all have our own style of how we do our make-up and these two brushes actually worked from all of us. I also love the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free.


Arrow enhance eyeliner

I love the feel of this eyeliner but would have prefered black. It does say it’s waterproof but I found it came off really to easily. If your just going out for a few hours then I would recommend this eyeliner but for a proper night out I would wear make-up with more staying power.


Over all I would give these products a good 4 out of 5. It came in a lovely little bag

3 month Birchbox subscription

Nina Hill
16 Jun 2017

Catherine Malandrino – Romance de Provence
This perfume is a sweet fruity scented one. It smells great on and is perfect for a nice sunny day or evening. It lasts for ages so you don’t have to re-apply very often.

Benefit – Gogo tint
This lipstick/blusher looks really good on. I like the way it is a two in one. Lasts for along time and being a two in one it saves room in your handbag and I know all women need that.

Balance – Flash cleanse micellar water
Although this cleanser was refreshingly use for a non wash off cleanser it left my skin feeling slightly sticky but it was great at getting my make-up off.

Native unearthed – coconut & vanilla natural deodorant balm
This all natural deodorant balm is very grainy as you rub it on your fingers to apply but once it was on you couldn’t tell. It has a slight scent to go with it and you can’t tell your wearing it unlike some deodorants.

Percy & Read – Wonder balm
I have long hair and it’s not very easy to do things with. It’s fine and shiny so it makes it difficult to control and manage. After using the wonder balm my hair was more manageable. I could put my hair in plaits without all those loose hairs going astray.

Seche vite – dry fast top coat
This set fast top coat nail varnish looks great on and protects the other layers. It does exactly what it says and dry's fast.

All of the items for the month of July come in a nice little box drawer and was delivered just a few days after getting my text saying it has been dispatched. Over all I would give a four out of five for the products .

Oral B Toothbrush

Tracy Welham
7 Feb 2017

GetTestKeep Communication
I was informed by email that I had been selected as the winner of the Oral B toothbrush and asked to confirm my address and a convenient      date for delivery.  I responded and heard back quickly with a delivery date for the toothbrush.
The toothbrush was delivered by Royal Mail on the Monday as stated in the email.
Product & Packaging
The product was well packaged in a sealed box.   The product box itself was smart and well design.
Product Features
I really liked the overall design of this product.  It is neat and compact and a lot of    thought has been put into the design.  Once charged the toothbrush lasted a week, brushing twice daily, which I felt to be perfectly reasonable.  There are 6 heads available, the cross-action and the 3D white heads were enclosed and personally I preferred the cross-action head, for me it was the more comfortable of the two.  The cross-action head has blue indicator bristles letting you know when the head needs replacing so there is no need to remember how long you have been using that   particular head.  The toothbrush itself was comfortable to hold and not too heavy.  The pressure sensor is a good idea, no more guessing if you are applying the right amount of pressure, just letting the toothbrush do the work.  I think every aspect of this product has been given thorough consideration and I can't think of one thing that an end user would find unappealing.  The instructions are comprehensive with full instructions of how to connect the toothbrush to your smartphone via the Oral-B app, how to care and clean for your brush and the best way to use the brush for optimum cleaning.  It comes with a two year warranty but also the opportunity to extend it by a further year if you register the product, which I think is a real plus point.  I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends.
I was very pleased with the quality of the product it looked and felt professional and well-made.       
No additional comments

Tefal Acti-Fry

Teresa Beautridge
16 Aug 2016

Product Review - Tefal Actifry Fryer.

COMMUNICATION- I found out that I had been selected to review the Tefal Actifry via email. Every response was dealt with in a very speedy and professional manner, polite, understanding and happy to help with any query.

DELIVERY - I was asked when the most convenient time would be to receive delivery of the actifry, it arrived on the date and time given and i was kept up to date with times of arrival. The courier was very polite and delivery was signed for.

PRODUCT & PACKAGING- The actifry was very well packaged in polystyrene and an outer firm cardboard box, separate pieces of the actifry were wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap within the supporting ploystyrene. I was blown away with actually how big the actifry is, but saying that for a family of 6 or more then it was perfect and gave good portion sizes to be able to cook.

PRODUCT FEATURES- The actifry is very easy to use, it has a digital display timer which shows how much time you have remaining to cook so that you can plan meals easily. its very easy to clean with a removable lid, cooking pan and it also has a removable mesh in front of the fan that stops any food from damaging the fan element. Everything is easily accessible to clean.

QUALITY- The actifry is very well made, i didn't find anything uneasy when using it and even when you remove the cooking pan once cooking is complete it felt very sturdy and unlikely to break.

SUMMARY- Personally i would give the Tefal Actifry a 4 star rating, i based this on the overall ease of use that it was, the only downfall i would say is that the actual size of the actifry is very very big, you couldn't keep it out on the worktop as it takes up a lot of room, i had to clear a cupboard so that i was able to store it away.

ADDITIONAL - I was amazed at the amount you can actually cook in this actifry, from chips to a complete Beef Stroganoff. I found that downloading the app to mu mobile as suggested in the instruction booklet was very helpful and gave me lots of recipes to choose from and a very easy step by step guide.

Many Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test this product.

Dyson v6 Absolute

Tanya Hitchen
3 May 2016

Communication with the get test keep team was great I was notified by email that I was a selected reviewer of the dyson v6 absolute vacuum cleaner and I was asked for my address so that the product could be delivered within 5 working days at any given time. I chose between 10am and 1pm as I had a few jobs to do in the afternoon. My product was delivered by Argos at 9.45am which was a bonus as I wouldn't have to wait in and could go about my day a lot quicker.

The box was neatly sealed and had images of the dyson v6 absolute on the side. On opening the box I noticed instructions and several separate attachments all individually wrapped in cellophane including a wall mount. The wall mount however does not come with attachments to mount it on the wall and I haven't got around to getting any yet so storing has been a little inconvenient. The v6 needed charging to be used at first so I plugged it in with the power lead that was provided and waited a good two hours. When I came to use the v6 it didn't last very long before needing a charge again but I managed to do all carpets within the 20-25mins it lasted and the quality of cleanliness was great and I was amazed at how much dust was collected off visibly clean surfaces. I used the long arm and precision edge tools to do the very corners and had no difficulty cleaning under beds as the v6 is light weight and can easily be used at low angles.

My favourite feature of the Dyson v6 is the power trigger. It is so easy to use and the power stops as soon  as you let go so the battery doesn't run down which in turn means less time plugged to the wall. I would say the quality of the product is spot on as the plastic is very strong and not flimsy and the main extension pipe is metal but hard wearing so doesn't bend.

Overall I would recommend this product to customers at a rating of 4 stars for its light weight and extremely great suction power that collects unseen dust from visibly clean surfaces and simply due to the fact of the inconvenience it has caused me when wanting to charge due to not having the fixtures for the wall mount included.

Dyson v6 Absolute

Jo Rutland
2 Apr 2016

I was notified that I had been selected as a reviewer by email. The communication was friendly, with well written instructions about what I needed to do and when. I was asked for a convenient time that I would like the product delivered and confirmation of delivery was quickly received.

The product was delivered exactly in the middle of the quoted delivery slot by Argos. The driver was polite and the product was not damaged.

The product was well packaged in a mid-sized, easy to handle box. Inside the box the components of the product were packaged individually in plastic and separated by cardboard. They were laid out so they were easily identified. The instructions/ guarantee were separately packed in plastic and the first thing you saw when you opened the box.

The battery needed to be charged before the product could be used. The charge didn't appear to last very long. It would be helpful if the charging light blinked when the charge was running low. The best thing about the product was the hard floor cleaning, it got rid of dust and dog hairs with ease. Being cordless was great for cleaning the upholstery in the car. The down side was the weight of the product - I'm not sure how an older person would manage. Also the colour is not great (pink and purple) as the product is designed to be stored on a wall mounted charging unit and it just looks too garish in a plain coloured kitchen. Also screws to mount the charging unit would have been helpful.

The product quality was excellent and easy to assemble.

Overall rating is Good.


Helen Townson
9 Feb 2016

I chose to shop in BHS Yeovil, Somerset.

My communication from GetTestKeep was very good. I was notified of being picked your email on 23rd Dec2015 which was followed up by a letter and a cheque between Christmas and New Year.

On driving to my chosen store I found parking easy. With facilities for disabled people. The parking charges were normal for the area.

The BHS shop is situated at the lower end of a small outdoors shopping centre alongside a couple of high street chain stores but none similar. I shopped late afternoon on a weekday and the town was very quiet. The sore was also very quiet with a couple of other customers and no staff in sight . The shop is laid our in areas such as bedding, homeward, ladies clothes etc but walking around it was difficult to see what sections sold what as there were no visible signs to direct to to the area you were looking for.

I was looking for a lamp shade and found the lighting section at the back of the store. I could see there were all different lights hung from the roof and some in boxes on a table. There were lots of different products which seemed to be in a bit of a muddle and quite cramped into a small area at the back of the shop, next to the cafe which was closed. I wanted to ask for help but couldn't find anyone to ask. I wanted a lampshade to hang from the roof but not one that needed any electrical intervention. Looking at the lights hanging from the ceiling I worked out which was right for me but then needed help where to get the same light that was on display. I still couldn't find anyone so worked out that if it was on the shelf they had it. If it wasn't on the shelf I have had to go to the check out and ask there. The pricing was confusing as the signs said 20% off but it was difficult to work out which items it applied too. Some were re priced with hand written prices and some were rice with printed labels. I was unsure if they just weren't marked or not included in the offer. I took my purchase to the till where there was no cue and paid for it. The shop assistant was friendly but conversation was limited to if I wanted to purchase a carrier bag. The till area was untidy with all sorts of things from jewellery to £1 sweets.

The item I purchased was well packed and very simple to fit to the existing light fitting. It appears   to be made to a good standard and I am happy with it.

The store, on the whole, seemed a little muddled and deserted. It provides lots of choice but items are hard to find. The layout could definitely be improved on. If I had been in a hurry I think rather than work things out for my self I would have walked out as there was no one to ask.

I would shop there again but only if I knew what I wanted. I would not use it as a shop to browse in

I would rate my shopping experience as 2 fair.

Thorntons Chocolate Hamper

Pam Richards
17 Jan 2016

Communication with Get Test Keep is always via Email and always prompt and efficient. My contact with Tania and her efficiency cannot be faulted. It was confirmed that I had been selected as a reviewer by email shortly before the samples arrived.

Delivery of the product was by parcel courier and considering it was over the christmas period posed no problems. The parcel arrived the next day to receiving the email that I had won the prize to trial Thorntons chocolates. Needless to say I had not read the email and the parcel was a complete surprise to me. I cannot remember the last time I had received such a wonderful gift and my face must of been a picture in itself. I went to work that day with the broadest of grins and disbelieve of how something so wonderful could happen to me.

The items were well packed in a cardboard outer carton with plenty of protective packaging and were delivered undamaged. The items in the loose selection were of very good quality and there was no discernible difference in standards between the items that would obviously retail at a premium price and the smaller more economical packets.

The family hamper, whilst containing the same products, was beautifully packaged and would make a wonderful gift. The box is of a quality that could be reused around the home once emptied. I feel that the box would grace many rooms. I feel that there are chocolates in the hamper to cater for all tastes and the hamper alone would last any chocoholic months. The boxes of chocolates that stood out from the rest in my opinion were the selection of Caramels. I love the colouring on the box and the taste inside was rich varied and gave me every thing I wanted from the label. My favourite in this box was the Gooey Raspberry.

The next was the continental, The black and white box was very sofisticated and the selection of chocolates inside lived up to the packaging. They made me feel very indulgent whilst trying them out and I certainly felt that I could hold my head up with giving this as a present along with receiving it.

My favourite in this box was defiantly cherry truffle. My favourite over all will always be the Chocolate Turkish Delight. I class myself as a conesaure of this and Thornton's will rate highly. The packet is the correct colour to lead me to this on a shelf.

The mint selection is and always will be a favourite and the selection in the small packets was about right as a treat. The Classic selection is and always will be a favourite to all family's. I feel, They offer a good selection of dark and light chocolates so as to titillate all taste.

The toffees in the hamper are brill I will have these placed in a dish in the lounge so as to offer visitors one that inevitably call when Eastenders is on the TV. The taste of these are creamy and just right. I loved them. I love the old fashioned packaging. It reminded me of days gone by andthat they should taste like the used to. The one thing I feel that Thorntons has got right is colour recognition with product. A packet of mint chocolates should be green and Turkesh delight mauve.

The quality of the various confectioneries was very high and could only be separated by personal tastes.

Overall I would rate the Hamper as 5 ­ Excellant.

I am sure that someone else with different tastes might even say it was excellent.

Frankie & Benny's

Denise Haines
6 Dec 2015

Review of Frankie & Benny’s Trafford Centre Manchester 06/12/2015

After applying to be a Secret Diner on your website, I was delighted that I was chosen to be a Secret Diner.

The communication from GetTestKeep was very efficient with everything from the initial email of congratulations, checking my address for the vouchers to be posted to, and communication after I had received them.

Tania was very helpful and pleasant.

My husband and I visited the Frankie and Benny’s restaurant at the Trafford centre on the 6th December 2015.

We arrived a little earlier than planned due to preparation for traffic at the busy shopping centre; the front desk had no problem with this and found us a table. We were seated and a waiter came to us within 5 minutes asking if we would like any drinks, we ordered our drinks and they came very promptly.  We were asked if we were ready to order and told him not quite yet, and to come back in about 10 minutes please. 

When he returned we ordered our meals and about 15 mins later our starters came, we were asked did we want anything else in a very polite and cheery way.


The timing between the starters and the main meals was just right, the food was a bit mediocre for the price we both had steak and we like it medium rare, that was done perfect but the presentation was a bit poor, it would have been better if something else accompanied the dish and was included in the price, rather than having to order lots of side dishes.

My husband enjoyed his desert very much he had the chocolate fudge cake with cream; I had vanilla cheesecake which was nice but very dry.

Overall the meal was enjoyable.

The atmosphere was very nice, very American and lots of music in the back ground very nice décor and loved looking at all the different pictures of stars on the walls.


The toilets were a bit dirty and messy, but maybe this had occurred in between cleaning times.

Customer service was second to none all the staff were very helpful, polite and had smiles on their faces and nothing seemed too much trouble for them.

Overall we would give our dining experience a 3* rating (out of 5*) mainly because it was a bit pricey although the food was good.

Many thanks

Denise Haines