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Dyson V8

Kellie Thorpe
19 Feb 2020

My review of the dyson v8.
The hoover come very well packed.

When I openend the box the hoover was in another box as well tightly packed.

I opened the box to find loads of utensils for walls, floors, stairs and a wall mount for hoover. But there was no screws for you to put on the wall so that was only thing that was missing.

Also had put on charge for while before could use the hoover.  If was older person may have few issues in opening the box ans fitting together and on charge.

Set up easy to use.

Very good hoover, just rember when emptying hold over a bin or all go on the floor also there no on off button so if hold handle the button for hoover is there once pressed hoover will start.

Hoover has very good suction and pick up well. All in all I recommend to people the dyson v8

Books very well explained, easy to read 

Dyson V8

Kelly Draper
27 Nov 2019

I was chosen to test the Dyson V8 and was notified by an email from Tanya from the GetTestKeep team. Her email was very polite and she asked for address confirmation before making the order. 

It arrived a day before estimated which was amazing, and the delivery driver had great customer service and carried it for me over the threshold which was brilliant.

The box was in perfect condition and had no damage at all, and the double packaging was excellent.

The design is compact so it is easy to store, and it has amazing suction which is perfect for mums who have messy kids or animals as it sucks up all mess on all surfaces in my house hold. Also, you can hoover at all times of day due to the cordless feature so it is no longer a hazard to kids running around.

You can adjust the height of the Dyson V8 by attaching and detaching the different tools so taking off the middle section and just attaching the heads to the body, it is perfect for use on the stairs and sofas. I would personally say it will be good for my bad back as perfect height to hold and won’t need to bend down as much while hoovering.

It is really good quality and looks very expensive and I am in love with the gold colour 

I would say the Dyson V8 is deserving of a 5 star rating as it is perfect for all it is designed to do, and is one of the best vacuums I have used in years!

Tesco Secret Shopper

Anne Alder
1 Mar 2019

Report on shopping experience at Tesco Supermarket in Northallerton North Yorkshire 11/1/19 I was contacted by Tania Walker on e mail to tell me that I had been selected to be a secret shopper. Having never done this before I replied asking what the process was and got a very swift reply explaining the procedure . I then waited for some time ( about a month ) before the cheque for £100 arrived and I could proceed with the shop. This all seems to work well and I have been really pleased with the whole experience. I chose to shop at this shop because it is my usual supermarket in my home town. It is convenient as it is right in the centre of town with a free car park but this also means the car parking can be extremely difficult as people use it to shop on the high street as well. I shopped on a Friday lunchtime which is a very busy time and parking was bad, but necessary as I planned to spend such a large amount in one visit. It took me about 5 minutes to get parked having to wait for someone to leave a space. Inside the shop it was very busy as expected on a Friday and the whole experience probably took about an hour. The shop was clean and there were plenty of staff visible to ask for help if you needed it. The staff at this store are very friendly and helpful if you need assistance but I did not need help on this occasion. There were quite a few large product trolleys partly blocking aisles as staff tried to fill shelves. One of the downsides of this store is its size. It is not a very large store and products need to be topped up/refilled a lot during the day which can prove tiresome when it is busy. There was a queue to pay at each checkout in use and it was about 6 minutes to wait which is quite normal on a very busy time. I did not think this was bad. Customer service at the till was very good. Staff are always pleasant, always offer to help and most make an attempt at chat with you if you are interested, whilst usually not taking up valuable time . I managed to buy all but one item on my shopping list. They do not appear to stock the product I wanted ( arrowroot for thickening in stews etc.) I bought a completely varied weeks shop which included some fresh meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned goods, cleaning products, baby products, drinks, bread/buns, baking products, sauces, hair products and washing products. The quality of fresh meat in the shop is always good as is the fresh bread products baked onsite. One comment on the days shop would be that there were many almost empty shelves amongst the fruit section and some products strangely missing from shelves in the household section ( such as Glade air fresheners, and stain removing products in the wash section that I would have bought if available) Overall I would say customer service was very good and the whole experience was good. The issues I mentioned are raised with the local manager but he has always explained that the size of the store means stock can run out and also the shelves need to be refilled more often than in a much larger superstore. Northallerton has no such large store from any of the supermarkets in town.

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