Review Maryland Cookies

Review Maryland Cookies

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Tester needed by 14 Nov 2019

GetTestKeep are looking for someone to review Maryland Cookies! If chosen, you'll get to keep the products. 

Review Criteria:

- Packaging
- Taste
- Value for money 

What makes this opportunity so Tempting? 

- Available in most supermarkets
- We will send you the cash for you to complete this review so it will not cost you a penny

How do I become a reviewer?

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Tesco Secret Shopper

Winner: Anne Alder

"I had been selected to be a secret shopper, My cheque for £100 arrived by post and i headed to my local tesco. Inside the shop it was very busy as expected on a Friday and the whole experience probably took about an hour. The shop was clean and there were plenty of staff visible to ask for help if you needed it
Overall I would say customer service was very good and the whole experience was good."


MAC Cosmetics

Winner: Rebecca Dowers

"I was notified that I was a selected to be a reviewer, I received my voucher within the week. I ordered the product online which was easy to do, it came within 3 days and the shipping was free. The packaging was securely wrapped and padded inside to protect the products. The products and the boxes were in excellent condition.
I ordered: Foundation Studio Fix Fluid – SPF15 NW15, Pro Long Wear Concealer, Eyebrow Crayon, Studio Fix Perfecting Powder, Prep and Prime (Coconut)"


Cadburys Hamper

Winner: Rachael Garcia

"I was initially emailed back in early August saying I'd been chosen for this test. it said it would be with me by the 9th Sept and it arrived today the 8th. There was a good selection of variety, size and flavour of chocolates within the hamper. I especially liked the box of the mixed bars of chocolate. Good quality packaging and chocolate all good, as you would expect from Cadbury's. I would give it 4 stars for the reasons I've listed above. "

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